Mount Ararat Tour in May 2021

30 Mar

We invite you on Mount Ararat Tour in early May. This winter – spring tour is a bit demanding as there is still a lot of snow and the weather is not stable. But this expedition could be also a fun challenge to be able to prove yourself in more difficult conditions.
The expedition is confirmed, but we still have available places. Click and take more details.
Welcome to Mount Ararat in May 2021.

Not only Mount Ararat

28 Aug

Eastern Turkey is known primarily from the highest mountain in the country – Mount Ararat. But Ararat isn’t everything, because there are many beautiful places in eastern Turkey, both monuments and landscapes.  Natural sites include two volcanoes located on Turkey’s largest lake – Lake Van. One of them is Nemrut Dagi – a height of 3050 meters amsl. It is located on the west side of the lake, while the second – Suphan Dagi is located on the north side of the lake. It is 4058 meters high, what is making it the second volcano and third summit of Turkey. These places you could see on our tour Nemrut and Suphan and Ararat.

Trekking in Iran

20 Mar

We invite you to our expeditions in Iran. This unique expedition includes two highest peaks in Iran – Mount Damavand – 5610 m amsl and Mount Alam Kuh – 4848 m amsl. There will be a possibility of relax in Iranian spa – hot springs in the mountain scenery. You are welcome! Our expedition to Damavand and Alam Kuh. It will be a wonderful adventure!

Private groups on Mount Ararat and not only

2 Mar

Welcome to Mount Ararat and not only!

PRIVATE GROUPS – our offer is not only standard programmes that you will find on our website. Each group of whatever number of participants may choose any time and any place of trekking and sightseeing. Apart from places that we regularly offer, we suggest places that are less visited such as: a trip and a picnic at the Fish Lake, a trip around the Van Lake, relax in hot springs in Diyadin and other places chosen by you yourselves f.e. Damavand in Iran. Write to us with particular suggestions, as well as with requests to create an unforgettable and nonstandard expedition to eastern Turkey and also Iran for your group. You are cordially invited!

Welcome to Turkey with

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Mount Damavand in Iran with us!

18 Feb

STANDARD MT. DAMAVAND’S 4-DAYS TREK. You and your group could choose the date, which you want! But if you have no group you can join to our Public Damavand Treks.

The general outline of the trip:

1st Day  – Arrival in Teheran.
Reception of participants from the airport in Van, drive to Polur (ca. 2000 m amsl); overnight in hostel in Polur.

2nd Day – Stay in Polur.
We stay in small mountain village Polur and we have our first acclimatization; overnight in hostel in Polur.

3rd Day – Drive to first camp and trekking to the second camp. 
We eat breakfast in hostel and than we load our all equipments to our off-road car and we drive to the first camp Goosfansara (ca. 3500 m amsl).  There we stop and the luggages are loaded for the horses.  We start trekking to the 2. camp –  Bargah at 4200 m asml.  Our trekking takes about 3-4 hours. In the camp we drink tea and eat some sweets and we rest and wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in the hostel or in tents.

4th Day – Acclimatization Day. 
We eat breakfast at the camp. We take lunch pockets and we trek up to ca. 5000 m and we back. Our trekking takes about 4-6 hours. In the camp we drink tea and eat some sweets and we restand wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in hostel or the tents.

5th Day – Trekking to summit.
We wake up at 2.00 and eat something. If weather is okey we start (about 3.00 o’clock) trekking in dark to the summit. We reach the summit of Damavand (5610 m amsl) after 7-10 hours. We back to 4200 meters and we rest and wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in the hostel or in tents.

6th DayDescent from Mt.Damavand. 
We eat breakfast in camp. Descent to Goosfansara. Drive to Polur and then Teheran. Overnight in hotel in Teheran.

7th Day – Reserve day. 
This day is reserve day in the case of the bad weather in the summit day.

8th Day – Flight home 
The end of the tour. Flight home.

Our services:

  • transfer from the airport in Teheran to Polur and back
  • mountain guide
  • permit
  • transfer from Polur to Goosfansara and back
  • 3 meals per day during the trek (breakfast, light lunch, warm dinner) with drinks (no-alcohol)
  • 1 night in hotel in Teheran
  • 2 nights in hostel in Polur
  • horses for luggage
  • equipment: tents, crampons

We offer assistance in additional organizations trips to the beautiful towns of Iran.

Welcome to Mt. Damavand with