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Mount Ararat – the highest mountain in Turkey. It consists of two peaks. Great Ararat (Buyuk Ağrı Dağı) is 5,137 m above sea level (In some sources 5122 or 5165 meters) in height, while the Little Ararat (Küçük Ağrı Dağı) is  3,896 m high. Top is famous for stories about Noah’s Ark, which according to Biblical transfers settled after the great flood at this summit.

Every year, the top of the Great Ararat gain hundreds of tourists, while the Small Ararat does not lead to its height and the climbers are there not many. Although the Ararat mountain is not difficult to overcome, take a local guide. Be prepared for 2-5 days climbing and descending down. Above 3500 m above sea level begins to scorch (though not all) the altitude sickness. At an altitude of 4,200 m above sea level, where normally there is a second camp of the temperature is low, very low and at night, even in summer. Generally the weather on Ararat is highly variable. From day to day, we can observe the change of aura – with rain and clouds to the sun and clear sky, and vice versa. Therefore, you need some luck to reach the sun and cloudless sky, to be able to enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. The best time to acquire Ararat from June to September.

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