Mount Ararat in MAY

We invite you to join a group for 4-DAYS MT. ARARAT’S PUBLIC TREK in MAY in the following date:

05/01/2021 – 05/07/2021 Tour Confirmed! Available places!

The general outline of the trip:

1st Day – Arrival in IGDIR.
Reception of participants from the airport in Igdir, drive to Dogubayazit, overnight in hotel in Dogubayazit;

2nd Day – Trekking to the base camp. 
We eat breakfast in hotel and than we load our all equipments to our minibus and we drive to Cevirme village or Eli village at 2200 m. There we stop and the luggages are loaded for the horses. We take our lunch-boxes and we start trekking to the base camp at 3300-3500 m. Our trekking takes about 4-5 hours. In the base camp we drink tea and eat some sweets and we rest and wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in the tents.

3rd Day – Acclimatization Day. 
We eat breakfast at the base camp. We take lunch pockets and we trek up to 4000-4200 m and we back. Our trekking takes about 4-6 hours. In the base camp we drink tea and eat some sweets and we restand wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in the tents.

4th Day – Trekking to summit.
We wake up at 1.00 and eat something. If weather is okey we start (about 2.00 o’clock) trekking in dark to the summit. We reach the summit of Ararat (5137 m amsl) after 7-12 hours. We back to the base camp. In the camp we rest and wait for the dinner. Dinner in the camp. Overnight in the tents.

5th Day – Descent from Ararat.
We eat breakfast in 1. camp. Descent to Cevirme or Eli village. Drive to hotel in Dogubayazit.  Possibility to make a cultural tour in the surroundings of Mt Ararat (Ishak Pasha Palace, Noah’s Ark Park, Meteorite Crater, kurdish villages). Overnight in hotel.

6th Day – Reserve day. 
This day is reserve day in the case of the bad weather in the summit day. In this day we can make 1-day trek to Little Ararat.

7th Day –  Flight home.
Transfer to the airport in Igdir.

Our services:

  • transfer from the airport in Igdir to Dogubayazit and to the airport from Dogubayazit
  • mountain guide
  • transfer to the foot of Mount Ararat and back
  • 3 meals per day during the trek (breakfast, light lunch, warm dinner) with drinks (no-alcohol)
  • 2 nights at the hotel
  • horses for luggage
  • cultural tour to Ishak Pasha Palace
  • equipment: tents, crampons, mattress

We offer assistance in booking additional nights and additional organizations such as trips to the ruins of Ani, hot springs in Diyadin and picnic by Fish Lake

Welcome to Mt. Ararat with

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